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With Your Destiny: By Crom's Hammer!

MMOs such as this obviously require far more music than other genres not only because of the huge number of characters and locations in With Your Destiny game, but also because of the hundreds of hours players will spend in the world.

To keep the music fresh, Wyd Gold has a system that essentially sets invisible borders around the different areas players traverse. When such a border is crossed, a new piece of music designed for that specific area is triggered. Haugen tried to put in as many of these "bounded areas" as possible so that the music changes frequently and doesn't get repetitive.

Of course if a player stays in the same area for awhile, the music will eventually end and a certain period of silence will elapse before it starts up again, rather than just looping mindlessly. And many areas have different versions for both day and night as well to keep things interesting and that much more immersive.

With the nature of the setting and also Wyd Gold  focus on real-time battles, the action music is certainly one of the most important elements of the score. "The combat music is a really big part of the game," agrees Haugen. A male choir, and later a twelve-person mixed choir were recorded to lend power and intensity to the conflict.

In some cases the ensembles were recorded more than once so the performances could be stacked and would end up sounding like a group two or three times as big. In the end, around 40 of the game's roughly 210 minutes of music are designed for the combat and epic boss encounters.

Though Haugen used a sampled orchestra as a base for much of the score, he took great care to add live elements to it throughout in order to give it more of the emotion and feeling of a live ensemble.

The violins, viola, and often cello have a live performer recorded on top of the sampled strings, and of course the choir is completely live, as are the other important solo instruments. The pieces based on folk music have the most live Wyd Gold players since it's so difficult to get the right sound otherwise.

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