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With Your Destiny: Crafting guide

Well, here is a crafting guide for the With Your Destiny players. If you have trouble in this portion, just go through and have a good time in Wyd Gold game!

Level Requirement: 15

There are nine different types of crafting:
1.Foraging: Gather herbs
2.Mining: Mine for ores
3.Woodcutting: Cut trees for lumber
4.Hunting: Gather parts of corpses
5.Guardiancraft: Shaman and Dragoon specific, requires mining.
6.Scoutcraft: Rogues and Rangers specific, requires woodcutting.
7.Arcanecraft: Mystic and Conjurer specific, requires hunting.
8.Herbalism: Open to all classes, requires foraging
9.Cooking: Open to all classes, requires foraging

Currently, you can only learn Wyd Gold of these nine skills, so pick the craft and gathering that is good for your class!

In order to begin crafting, you must first pick a gathering skill. In this example I will be using a rogue. Note: Race has nothing to do with this, so don't ask! (Atleast I don't think so as of yet)

1.Talk to the vocation NPC (Roki the Woodsman) 473,242 in Pokari city.

2. Choose Learn Gathering Skills. Because Rogues learn Scoutcraft, I will be choosing Woodcutting.

3. Talk to Roki the Woodsman again, this time learn new skills. Open the trade dialog Refinery Recipe/Tool Trade and buy the Woodcutting skills (middle tab). At lower levels, you will only be required to use phoenix tree branches.

4. Buy a novice axe in the last tab. Note how at the bottom it says "Used to cut phoenix tree branches." Different tools gather different items. Buy more than one, when using these there is a chance it will break. I usually buy about 15.

5. Learn Scoutcraft. Go to the craft NPC (Bolo - Craftsman) 498,502next to the blacksmith and choose your crafting skill. (Scoutcraft for rogues)

6. Now you can talk to that NPC and learn new crafting skills.

7. After learning crafting skills you can open up your production menu ("O") and gather the items required to craft.


8. To craft an item, notice that you may require a "Novice Thimblekit." You can purchase that, or other crafting items at the craft merchant next to Bolo (Jimm - Tool Merchant)

Gathering in Wyd Gold

Gathering is extremely easy. After you purchase the tools specific to whatever you need, all you need to do is go to a location where you can farm this item. Don't know where to go? Don't worry. Press M to open up your map. On the right are preset locations. Look for phoenix tree (or whatever you are looking for)

Your character will automatically move to that location. Once there, simply click the item to farm it. As you farm, your tools will slowly disappear so remember to bring lots! (Fifteen usually do the trick)

NOTE: For special crafts (the green items) you will be required to obtain rare craft material. From what I have discovered, those items can only be found inside the boss dungeons that you can enter via the npc near the tree.

Well if you wanna buy Wyd Gold, just click the key words. For the low price and the speedy delivery, you would be satisfied.

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