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With Your Destiny - Game Currency

Generail discription to With Your Destiny
MMORPG developed with self-developed 3D Engine skill 

• Delicate and detailed character and terrain at the maximized zoom
• Natural world realization through shaking trees and grasses with winds, flowers, etc.
• Day and night effect through the passing time with weather effects in Wyd Gold

• Combination between the realistic world and variety skill effects
• High Quality Full 3D Game Graphics

Truthfulness Battle

• 96 variety skills, 7 grades, and 82 kind of weapons
• Matching various attack motions and sound effects per each weapon features for more realistic battle effects
• High quality view of character and speedy movement
• Monster hunting, guild wars, and guild ranking tournaments for more fun of in the battlefield
• Increasing player''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s power and movement capability though the Mount System

EASY User Intewydace

• Quarter view based RPG User Intewydace for easier approach.
• Mouse based play interface and easy hot-key function.

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Process of buying Wyd Gold
Step 1: Register on gameci. If you haven’t registered, just click register here. If you do not want to register, just go to Step 2
Step 2: Choose the game---Wyd Gold
 You can find it on the left of our main page.
Step 3: Choose the server of the game Wyd Gold
Step 4: Choose the amount that you need then click "add"
Step 5: Go to the check out page to ensure your orders and write down your information.
Step 6: Send your payment via paypal, money booker or western Union.
Step 7: Contact our 24/7 online support (preferred) or our msn([email protected]). Follow what the servicer told you.
Step 8: Log in the game to complete the trade with us.
PS: To prevent events unexpected, such as you can not turn to the check out page, or can not complete your payment process, please go to our livechat for help.

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