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With Your Destiny Shaman Guide

Making Gold: Even with mediocre equipment a shaman can still make a fortune by farming at the right locations. The With Your Destiny Shaman Guide shows you where these locations are. Of course, the hints are not limited to end-level areas but start as early as level 20. On top of that, you also get a guide to the professions that are worth your time and a special guide on cheating the auction house for astronomical profits.

Leveling Your Shaman: Do you enjoy following new storylines? Or would you rather reach level 80 in 10 days? According to your preference, the Wyd Gold Shaman Guide offers you both at once: powerleveling and story-driven guides to help you reach the level cap in a flash. Instructing you on every single location, strategy and level range, you learn how to glide through the levels with ease. Stick to the unknown and hardly visited areas mentioned in the guide, and you easily double the rate at which you gain experience. Meticulous walk-throughs of all imperative quests in the Wyd Gold Shaman Guide can make sure that your shaman will never get stuck between quests.

Character Creation Guide: While equipment and talent builds can be changed whenever you wish, you will be stuck with the race you chose when you created your shaman for the rest of your shaman's life. The Wyd Gold Shaman Guide helps you avoid mistakes by explaining the basics of the class and the advantages of each race by dedicating a whole section to shaman newbies. Find out which stats to focus on at different levels, and how weapon and armor mechanics work before heading out for experience and loot.

Shaman Spells: Are there any use for sentry totems? What are line of sight totem tricks? Which targets should you Hex, and at what moments should you use Wind Shock? If you only expect an assiduously compiled spell list in this guide, you are in for a big surprise. Exact descriptions of every spell, related tactics and how different talent builds take advantage of them turn this chapter into a must-see for players of all skill levels.

Shaman Items: The Wyd Gold Shaman Guide advises you on the best gear for each level and also shows you how to obtain them. If you seek creative ways to upgrade bland set items or to obtain damage gear on your own, you won't be disappointed. Elemental, Enhancement or Restoration spec options are provided no matter what your talent build is. A highly detailed section on glyph recommendations is also included in the guide.

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