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Zentia News List
The useful guide for new players of Zentia

Zentia due to our lack of mitigation as compared to other tanks.Survival Instincts remains at 5 minutes.Zentia Gold behind all tanks should be equal.Best Place to Farm Eternal ShadowThe best place to ..


Zentia online Interview

Zentia. You can learn some basic info about the game as well as some interesting designs, such as the jail system.Zentia Gold) to someone who has never played it before?Such features include multi-pas..


Zentia pushes patch 1.2 live

Zentia, youre in luck. The patch has recently gone live, giving players a chance to enjoy a plethora of content -- including the marriage system, a rather apropos addition that allows players to have ..


Zentia Launches Version Expansion

Zentia players are invited to participate for a chance to win amazing gaming PC peripherals such as the Shock headset, Meka G1 keyboard, Dashers mouse pad, Zentia Gold and a host of in-game prizes.Zen..


PC division on the free-to-play MMO

Zentia division, and all members are welcome to join the guild!Zentia Gold games set within the story. Players may stumble upon chance quests, maze games, or even full instances as they run through th..



Zentia. Zentia is a new 3D free-to-play fairytale MMORPG with a delightfully twisted sense of humor.Zentia Gold is full of unique features, countless treasures to unlock and hours of captivating gamep..


Play Online MMORPG For Free

Zentia can absolutely make your dreams come true! The brightly colored artworks really make you feel carefree and relaxed when you take your adventures to the virtual world of Zentia! Oh, and before t..


A Unique Oriental Fantasy

Zentia is an upcoming MMORPG published by ChangYou US and also the 3rd title in its English portfolio. Developed by Chinese studio, Pixel Soft, the game is coined as a fairy tale MMORPG with a delight..


The Unveiling Of Zentia Open Beta

Zentia. The Zentia Open Beta will showcase four additional characters, high level content, exciting events, the Token Shop, and many more thrilling new features.Zentia Gold . The community fell in lov..


Have Fire Monkey, Will Travel

Zentia is a quick, easy and visually pleasing distraction. Why cute for the description? Well from the opening cinematic to the character selection to the tutorial region, it simply is the best descri..


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