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A Unique Oriental Fantasy

Zentia is an upcoming MMORPG published by ChangYou US and also the 3rd title in its English portfolio. Developed by Chinese studio, Pixel Soft, the game is coined as a "fairy tale" MMORPG with a delightfully twisted sense of humor. Judging from the various media releases about Zentia, I am convinced that it looks really wacky and fun at the same time! With players dreading the massive number of Asian-themed MMORPGs in the recent market, will Zentia be successful in convincing players that there is much more to the game? Let's find out.


OnRPG: Hello, I am Fo Po (cinderboy) from OnRPG. Can you kindly introduce yourself to the readers?
Hello readers! I am Susan Revelt, the Senior Producer for Zentia.


OnRPG: Zentia will be ChangYou's 3rd MMORG to be released in the English market. Any thoughts on the company's Western odyssey so far?
ChangYou is a young, thriving company with devoted, experienced, and passionate professionals, a team that knows and loves all different genres of games. We are confident that players will find Zentia Gold to be very immersive and will appreciate the uniqueness that the game has to offer.


OnRPG: Why the decision to bring in Zentia to the English audience?
Zentia is a unique game that combines the best aspects of MMORPG play with a humorous environment. A game like Zentia is a rare treasure that merits a global audience.



OnRPG: What role do the players play in the game's storyline?
Players will step into the shoes of one of 22 former immortals who were cast out of the Heavens to clean up the earth. The three immortal brothers who rule the heaven, earth, and underworld had a huge fight. During the fight, the lord of the underworld let loose his demons and other abominations upon the earth. The lord of the mortal world chooses 22 of his followers to help the immortals destroy the demons, and in the process of doing this task, the followers obtain immortality. However, after the lord of the underworld is defeated, the lord of the heavens is not satisfied with the job the new immortals did. He casts them back to the mortal realm, strips them of their newly acquired immortality, and instructs them to finish the job. If the 22 can get the job done they have a chance to get their immortality back.

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