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Zentia Launches Version Expansion

In celebration of the expansion release, ChangYou (US) teams up with Tt eSPORTS to launch a Facebook-exclusive sweepstakes that runs. All Zentia players are invited to participate for a chance to win amazing gaming PC peripherals such as the Shock headset, Meka G1 keyboard, Dashers mouse pad, Zentia Gold and a host of in-game prizes.

New Features:

* Increased Level Cap: Players can now achieve a maximum level of 80 and unlock new skills and abilities that will aid them in their battle against the demons, monsters and Zentia Gold general chaos that was let loose upon the world

* New High-Level Content: Players with characters level 70 and above are invited to tackle new quests and fight against fierce new monsters and bosses on the just-introduced East Island

* Marriage System: The strength of a couple's love will be tested through a series of new couples-only quests. Only those who triumph in these battles will be allowed the privilege of being wed to one another in a glamorous wedding ceremony and reception

* New Pets and Mounts: Additional creatures have been added to the immense roster of more than 100 different types of pets or multi-person mounts

* zBay: Trading is fast and easy with the introduction of zBay, Zentia 's new consignment system that allows high level items to be sold directly to other players in exchange for tokens

* Self-Discipline System: A character's experience points can be converted into discipline points which are then used to enhance class-based combat skills

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