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Zentia online Interview

Michael Fuchs has been playing MMOs for over 8 years. He has a strong passion for the competitive side of video games. Besides video games, his passions include reading, writing, and roleplaying. He currently attends the University of Wisconsin – Waukesha for a degree in Communications.

MMOsite’s Michael Fuchs recently did an interview with ChangYou’s Susan Revelt, discussing about the company’s new title Zentia. You can learn some basic info about the game as well as some interesting designs, such as the jail system.

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your position at ChangYou?

Susan Revelt (ChangYou): I am Susan Revelt, Senior Producer for Zentia. I lead the publishing team here at ChangYou. I am also heading up the Zentia project.

Michael Fuchs: How would you describe Zentia(Zentia Gold) to someone who has never played it before?

Susan Revelt: In one word, “Fun”. In a lot of words: one of the most amazing F2P games to be released in the history of F2P. Zentia has many unique features with hidden surprises around every corner.
Such features include multi-passenger mounts that hold up to ten passengers, an extensive pet capturing system, humorous in-game dialogue, and a unique social leveling system. The game has a well developed friendly user interface with WASD movement, tab targeting, and target assist. Players can also choose how they want to level, whether through quests, PVE, or even following one of our dancing NPCs. Zentia was developed with both casual and hardcore gamers in mind, providing even competitive battlegrounds and arenas for those diehard PVP fans.

Michael Fuchs: Would you say that Zentia focuses more on a PvE or a PvP aspect?

Susan Revelt: That really depends on the individual choice. On some maps and in some instances, players can PK, while in other areas, PvP is by permission only. There are also daily events for individual, faction and guild PvP events. On the other hand, the world is filled with quests and monsters in many places where the player doesn’t have to even think about PvP. If you are feeling really passive you can gain experience by auto-following one of the dancing NPCs and leveling up as you dance the night away.

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