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Zentia pushes patch 1.2 live

If you've been looking forward to the big expansion patch for Zentia, you're in luck. The patch has recently gone live, giving players a chance to enjoy a plethora of content -- including the marriage system, a rather apropos addition that allows players to have both a ceremony and a reception to commemorate the happiest in-game day of their characters' lives. And if you're not quite feeling in the spirit of Valentine's Day, the newly increased level cap should still offer you plenty to work toward.

East Island, a level 70-80 zone, has also been added to the game, complete with mounts and pets to locate. There's also a new Discipline system in place to allow players to focus on new class-based combat skills, helping to distinguish characters and focus specialization. Between that and a variety of new items (including some additions to the cash shop, as could be expected), Zentia players have more ways than ever to enhance a character and plenty of new content to enjoy.

- The Zentia Gold player must kill the Triple Eye elders around the Storm Test starting point until a jade stone drop is found.
- Once a player has the jade stone, Taoist Yuan will lead him or her to a mountain to find a Taoist to solve the curse of the stone. Watch out for an ambush by Triple Eye mobs along the way!
- The player must then kill the Triple Eye Taoists and give the jade stone to the Taoist being sought. The stone will teleport the player to the Storm Test instance

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